EWOC-1 (Elderly Women Ovarian Cancer) Trial:

Multicenter, randomized trial of carboplatin +/- paclitaxel in vulnerable elderly patients with stage III-IV advanced ovarian cancer.


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Phase III international, randomized study of Trabectadin plus Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin (PLD) versus Carboplatin plus PLD in patients with relapsed ovarian cancer progressing within 6-12 months of last platinum. This study evaluates if the combination of trabectadin (Yondelis) and PLD prolongs overall survival (OS) over carboplatin and PLD in this patient population. A total of 588 are planned.


A Phase III Trial of Postoperative Chemotherapy or no Further Treatment for Patients With Node-negative Stage I-II Intermediate or High Risk Endometrial Cancer.

Patients with stage 1 & 2 endometrial cancer are treated with surgery. Despite the fact that disease is confound to uterus, unfortunately some of these patients may relapse and die of their disease. Postoperative radiotherapy cannot improve survival. Chemotherapy has shown survival benefit in more advanced stage disease (stage 3 & 4).This study evaluates if one can improve survival in intermediate and high risk early-stage patients by offering them postoperative chemotherapy. This is a randomized phase 3 trial where effect of postoperative chemotherapy is compared with postoperative observation alone (standard strategy).