NSGO Study Nurses

Welcome to the NSGO Study Nurse section. The purpose of this section is to share relevant information and documents among the NSGO Study Nurses. Please note that the section will only include non-confidential information. If you have any comments to the section content or if you have any new items or information that you would like to upload to this section please contact the following: kirsten.pors@regionh.dk.


An NSGO Study Nurse Working group has been established with members representing the different countries. Please find the mission of the working group and an overview of the group members below:

The mission of the NSGO Study Nurse Working group is:

  • To plan, develop and implement a shared communication platform among the NSGO Study Nurses.
  • To promote education and training in gynaecological oncology in all its aspects.
  • To share better practices and work for improvements on a global level.
  • To organize face-to-face meetings, online meetings incl. program and agenda development.

If you have any comments or suggestions to the future collaboration among the Study Nurses in NSGO or if you have input to future agenda items for the upcoming meetings, please contact the following:

Members of the NSGO Study Nurse Working group:


Contact list of all NSGO Study Nurses, will be added here soon.