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NSGO Office

NSGO-CTU has responsibility for managing clinical trials and is led by a Director responding to the Board of the Foundation “Nordisk Selskab for Gynækologisk Onkologi´s Kliniske Forskningsfond”. The Director is contracted by the Foundation Board for a period of 3 years. The Director can be appointed for several periods without limitations, as long as it is in the interest of the Foundation and NSGO. NSGO-CTU consists of the Director, the staff of the Data Center and NSGO-CTU Executive Board.

Organisation chart

Medical Director NSGO-CTU
Mansoor Raza Mirza, Denmark
Deputy Medical Director NSGO-CTU Johanna Mäenpää

NSGO Office
Solveig Ristinge, Administrative Leader, NSGO-CTU
Joan Løhndorf, Clinical Trial Leader, NSGO-CTU 
Louisa Boufercha, Project Manager NSGO-CTU
Dorte Nørvang, Project Manager NSGO-CTU
Pernille Strøm, Project Manager NSGO-CTU
Mette Berensen, Project Manager NSGO-CTU (maternity leave until January 2019)
Dorthe Almdal-Schrøder, Project Manager NSGO-CTU
Rebecca Alison Fabricius, student assistent
Morten Fiil Leth, student assistent
Kitt Ulstrup Ristinge, student assistent
Anna Bryan Stensbøl, student assistent
Josefine Nordvig, student assistent
Mathilde Kobæk Jespersen, student assistent
Alberte Frederikke Hundahl, student assistent