NSGO-CTU has responsibility for managing clinical trials and is led by a Medical Director responding to the Board of the Foundation “Nordisk Selskab for Gynækologisk Onkologi´s Kliniske Forskningsfond”. The Medical Director is contracted by the Foundation Board for a period of 3 years. The Medical Director can be appointed for several periods without limitations, as long as it is in the interest of the Foundation and NSGO. NSGO-CTU consists of the Medical Director, the staff of the NSGO-CTU Office and NSGO-CTU Scientific Committee.

NSGO-CTU Organization Chart

Medical Director NSGO-CTU
Mansoor Raza Mirza

Deputy Medical Director NSGO-CTU
Johanna Mäenpää

Kirsten Pors, Administrative Leader, NSGO & NSGO-CTU

Christel Johanneson, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU
Frederikke Frimer Mikkelsen, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU
Nicole Buchner Vinum, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU
Sanne Lindberg, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU
Mette Magnusson, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU
Kristine Hurley, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU
Line Jensen, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU
Pernille Haun Albrechtsen, Project Manager, NSGO-CTU

Alberte Frederikke Hundahl, Student Assistent
Eline Seidelin, Student Assistent
Juliane Lyng Beauchamp, Student Assistent
Signe Gyvel Frederiksen, Student Assistant
Stine Lindberg, Student Assistent
Ulrikke Lyng Beauchamp, Student Assistent

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