NSGO Annual Meeting 2016 is being held at Hotel Scandic Ørnen in Bergen, Norway, Lars Hillesgate 18, 5008 Bergen, Norway, telephone +47 5537 5000.

The hotel is situated approximately 15 km from Bergen Airport. From Bergen Airport it is possible to catch the Airport bus (Flybussen) which stops on Bergen Bus station, just opposite the hotel. When returning to Bergen Airport, kindly go to bus stop marked with an M, at Bergen Bus station. The price for a one way trip from Bergen Airport to Hotel Scandic Ørnen is approximately 100 NOK.

For more information regarding the Airport bus, kindly click HERE.

Alternatively taxis are available from the airport to the hotel at prices of approximately 400 NOK. Two taxi companies are suggested by the hotel:



Parking next to Hotel Scandic Ørnen is possible at a costs of 110 NOK per day.