NSGO is a non-political, non-profit society.

The mission of NSGO is:

  • To be a Nordic platform for individual professionals dedicated to the care of women with gynaecological cancer.
  • To work for improvements in the practice of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up of gynaecological cancer.
  • To promote and support basic and clinical research.
  • To promote education and training in gynaecological oncology in all its aspects.
  • To promote and support Nordic and international exchange, and friendship among professionals and societies active in gynaecologic oncology.

As means to fulfil this mission the Society shall:

  • Promote and conduct collaborative clinical trials, regarding gynaecological cancer.
  • Organize and coordinate conferences, meetings and collaborative activities.
  • Set Nordic Standards of Care for women with gynaecological cancer.Set Nordic Guidelines for professional education and training in gynaecological oncology.
  • Establish co-operation and relationships with other international, national and regional organisations in this field.