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OvaCure Challenge

OvaCure Challenge 2022 Our Medical Director, Dr. Mansoor Raza Mirza, had the pleasure of attending the amazing OvaCure – Curing Ovarian Cancer Together Innovation Challenge

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Welcome Back, Christel

Welcome back to Christel Welcome back to Project Manager Christel Johanneson Bertolt at NSGO-CTU. Christel has a Master of Science (MSc) in Human Nutrition and has

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ESGO 2022 – soon

ESGO 2022 Our ESGO Vice President, Dr. Mansoor Raza Mirza from the Copenhagen University Hospital will be at ESGO 2022 as an expert speaker! He

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New PM

Welcome to our new Project Manager Welcome to our new Project Manager at NSGO-CTU. Signe Gybel Frederiksen has a Master of Science in Biotechnology and

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6th OCC – GCIG CONCESUS The consensus recommendation from the GCIG group for “Clinical research in ovarian cancer ” (from the 6th OCC) has been

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NSGO-CTU Biannual Investigator Meeting 2022

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Swiss-GO NSGO-CTU had the honor and pleasure of hosting our ENGOT collaborators, SwissGo from Basel today to give a presentation of our offices and work. SwissGo from Basel today to

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