NSGO Annual Meeting 2016

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The registration to the Annual Meeting 2016 in Bergen will open next week. 


NSGO Annual Meeting 2016 will be held 7 - 8 April 2016 in Bergen, Norway. To see program, kindly click HERE.

NSGO Board Election 2016 has been finalized

The NSGO Election 2016 for NSGO Board has been open from 5 January to 2 February 2016.

The results from the election will be announced at next general assembly in connection with NSGO Annual Meeting in Bergen, Norway 8 April 2016.

Thank you for your participation

In Memoriam-Professor Helga B Salvesen (1963-2016)

 helga salvesen

January 20th 2016 we were confronted with the sudden death of professor Helga Salvesen, at the age of 52.

Helga qualified as a doctor in 1991, and according to her mentors from those days she stood head and shoulders over everyone else, already then. In 2001 she had both completed her training as a gynaecologist and taken her PhD degree. Her focus was on gynaecological cancer and she became a dedicated and skilled gynae-oncologist, valued high by colleagues far and near, by the hospital staff and not least by her patients.

A driven scientist, bright and creative, Helga Salvesen dived into translational research in gynaecological cancer and especially endometrial cancer. She became professor, already before the age of 40, only two years after she took her PhD. She was a role model, for young and starting researchers and doctors, for female scientists, and even for the opposite sex in her approach of science and hunger for new knowledge to be used for the benefit of her patients.

The ‘Bergen gynecologic cancer group’, started by her in 2001, expanded rapidly, and published in the world’s leading journals. She mentored many PhD students and post-doctoral fellows and was proud that numerous of her previous mentees had been found qualified for independent academic positions themselves.

As a visiting scientist and later as a visiting professor she frequented the US, especially the Broad institute in Boston. Her network and research collaborations, reached out, like a spider web, to all corners of the world and she was for example the only non-American member of the TCGA working group on endometrial cancer.

Helga was very active within the oncological gynaecologic community in Scandinavia, she hold a NSGO membership for the last 10 years and was active within the board from 2006 til 2010 both as secretary and chairman of the surgery group.

Also at European level, in ESGO, she has been a driving force, as council member, as member of ENTRIGO and as the founder of the ENITEC network.

In 2015 she was elected member of the prestigious Norwegian academy of science and letters, dedicated to the advancement of science and scholarship in Norway, acknowledging her as an outstanding scientist in her field.

Alongside her busy scientific life she enjoyed a rich family life with her beloved husband, her four sons and wider family. An outdoor person and true Norwegian, she enjoyed skiing, hiking and sailing and could be stunned when her foreign collaborators could not keep up pace with her up the mountains near Bergen (Norway) when they visited her.

Helga was warm, including and positive; she could bring people together and make them believe in themselves and even more make them grow as humans and scientists. ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’; she was a giant.

Helga leaves an enormous void and her death is an immense loss for the scientific community as well as for her family and friends. However, Helga’s work and spirit will continue, and she will remain an inspiration for all who have been so fortunate to know her.

Helga Salvesen, a true leader and inspirator in the field of gynaecological cancer.


Erica Werner and Line Bjørge, Bergen, Norway